A culture of collaboration between designers and developers to better enjoy working together —
A set of practices to build better products faster

Anyone can spark DevUx culture in their team

It’s all in the mindset

Act as a team, think like a team player. We each have issues and constraints, we all have a part to play. Understanding each other is key.

Set your team’s target

Define where you are standing now and where you want to go. Depending on the context, decide on a target level of DevUx collaboration.

Start improving your collaboration now

Get the starter kit to unlock the different levels of DevUx collaboration. Let's find a happier and more efficient way to work together!

Why spark the DevUx culture?

Front-end development has gotten trickier over the years. As new frameworks enable more complex behaviour, UX expectations have also risen.

Yet, we still work the old way: Product defines features, designers make mock-ups, then developers integrate them. Side effects include: blocking dependencies, rework, misunderstanding, frustration, for everyone involved.

As lead developer (Yu Ling Cheng) and lead designer (France Wang), we’ve experimented to increase productivity and reduce frustration on both sides. We've minimized back and forth on design integration by creating a DevUX culture in our companies (Theodo and BAM) and we want to share it.

We toured Europe in 2019 to spread the DevUx culture.

Thank you so much for coming to see us and watching our videos.